Le Mervetty

Today I found a little parisian themed bakery tucked in amongst the line of stores on Canon Drive in Beverly hills. These meringue layers with whipped cream were surprisingly light and fluffy. I love how their flavors come out bold and clear without being overpoweringly sweet. I just couldn’t get enough! My favorite was their seasonal flavor: passion fruit. It was the perfect balance of citrusy sweet flavor.

Le Mervetty

319 North Canon Drive Beverly Hills, CA


20140401-184134.jpg 20140401-184144.jpgpraline: meringue layers, hazelnut praline whipped cream covered with caramelized praline feuilletines chocolate: meringue layers, chocolate whipped cream, covered with Belgian dark chocolate shavings20140401-184203.jpg speculoos: meringue layers, chocolate whipped cream, covered with Belgian white chocolate shavings20140401-184216.jpg nutella: meringue layers, nutella whipped cream, covered with French dark chocolate flakes coffee: meringue Layers, Coffee whipped cream covered with crystallized meringues20140401-184223.jpg passion fruit 20140401-184155.jpg


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